Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spore Glitch

My nest is in the water and I cannot go on land because I keep getting eaten by the giant monster thing who is supposed to eat you if you go to far from the shore and nests are supposed to be on land.


Sam said...

Lol happened to me, annoying as hell though eh?

Zoe said...

Honestly, I have to say that you are pretty much an idiot. WTF are you posting this?! You just google it, get a patch, and it's done. No, I am not irritable, I just like starting arguments and making enemies.
Yes, but I quite like this glitch. Funny. Although I must say that I rely on inevitability. And you?

Oh, by the way...
WTF did you put that you dyed your hair black?! Do you think we need to know that? Or do you simply want us to know it is not your natural colour?

That is I. The enemy-maker. Join me.

Zoe said...

Question: What grade are you in?

And also, I too enjoy Flight of the Conchords.

Also: If an alien race did contact you (question on your profile), you should say, "Relationship status! Activate!"
You made it to space stage, right?
Meh. Well? Join the enemy makers already!